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The juggle is real…

I’ve been planning to update my linkedIn profile pic for a while now… then covid happened…then (after lockdown) life got busy again…. really busy! I finally booked in some time to do it. I had a small window of availability and was determined to make it work.  I was extremely tired on the day of the […]

Why personal branding is critical right now.

It’s a Monday night in Melbourne. My son is supposed to be asleep but he’s having a chat-a-thon with his teddies in bed and I have ten minutes to go. Ten minutes before I am in the lime light before 60 high level professionals who are members of a men’s not for profit group. I am […]

John’s honest account of changing careers

Thanks John Bromley for being brave & sharing your journey of the ups & downs of going through a career transition. It was an absolute pleasure & an honour to work with you! Here’s a copy taken from John’s original LinkedIn post: “I want to tell you – it’s ok to be scared, to be frightened, […]

How someone scored TWO job offers during Covid!

I suck at the humble brag. This is a bit bizarre considering I’m a personal branding expert & often tell my clients they’re being too humble! It may be because I genuinely love what I do & perceive the results I get for people as just being part of my job. I’ve been working closely […]

Dealing with difficult colleagues

I was recently interviewed for Financial Management magazine. Luckily it wasn’t on financial advice, as it would be a VERY short article! The topic was dealing with difficult colleagues. Unfortunately most of us have been there at some point. If you currently fall into this category, there’s some great advice from a number of experts: […]

Dealing with a Nightmare Boss

Ever dealt with a Nightmare Boss? Career Mojo features in The Daily Mail. Check out these top tips: 

Have Vegan Activists got it all wrong?

One sunny Sunday afternoon a few months back, I was visiting family in Queensland. We decided to check out the local Broad Beach market, finally arriving at the food stalls where the smell of freshly baked bread made me salivate. I decided to buy a giant New York style pretzel, and noticed a group of […]

Preparing for a Changing Workforce- LinkedIn Panel Discussion

I was honoured to recently speak on a panel at LinkedIn HQ, Melbourne about planning for a changing workforce. Richard Mitchell, LinkedIn’s Australia HR Leader shared his insights around the three main trends we see contributing to the future workforce; AI & Automation, The Skills Gap(s), and Independent Work. I opened with a funny personal […]

Differentiating an imposter from the real deal!

I’ve delayed it. Thought about it. Spent hours discussing it with other professionals. But I can no longer hold back. I need to address the elephant in the room. The key word here is “fake” and I’m not talking about diamonds or Louis Vuitton handbags. It’s a certain new breed of Professional/Life/ Health & Wellbeing […]

Maternity leave on a resume. Blessing, or omen?

It was a typical day at work. I was in the midst of sifting through a mountain of resumes for a senior position I was recruiting for. After some time spent staring at CV’s, the eyes can begin to glaze over and all resumes start to look the same. I then stumbled across one that […]