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What’s the secret to retaining top talent?

Career Coach and Executive Search Specialist, Fiona Wainrit explores five ways to retain top talent. Link to The Age.

Authentic networking: successful and meaningful networking

Link to The Age.

How to succeed with recruitment agencies

Are Recruiters the Enemy? I spend a big portion of my workday talking to clients experiencing career transitions. Many are out there applying for jobs and it’s not uncommon to leam of their less than satisfactory experience with agency recruiters. I commonly hear things like: “They don’t retum calls”, “I’m just a number”, “I keep […]

Showing up isn’t enough

I was having a chat to a friend recently about their experience with someone in a yoga class being territorial by not wanting to move their yoga mat a few centimetres to accommodate an extra person. This is a common occurrence in the yoga world. There’s usually someone who needs to squeeze in and why […]

Transitioning careers to success

Having spent many years working in recruitment, I recently decided it was time to pursue something rewarding. So I ditched the rat race and finally did what I’ve wanted to do for a while. Upon completing coaching qualifications, I am now practising as a Life Coach, with a niche in career transitions. My coach called […]