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Getting your MOJO back

There are times in life where we lose our “mojo”, “drive”, or “zest for life”. This is totally normal, so if you are experiencing this lull, don’t be hard on yourself. The following top five questions have been developed to shift you out of your rut and move you forward to achieving your goals. Before you tackle […]

The chemistry behind your conversational intelligence

I think most of us would like to have more conversations at work that ultimately lead to co-creation, openness and trust, sharing of ideas and collaboration. It is when we are truly in a congruent state – the alignment of our head, heart and gut, that great things can happen. I’ve recently been working with senior leaders […]

Why wasn’t I hired?

In the game of hiring, there’s only one first prize and no consolation if you’re the runner up. Just think about the times you applied for a role you thought was perfectly suited: you ticked all the boxes, had the right skills, experience, industry background and qualifications.  You carefully constructed a great cover letter showcasing […]

Turning small talk on its head!

Having worked in recruitment and career coaching for so long, I have lost count how many networking events I’ve attended over the years. Whilst I’m an extravert by nature and enjoy meeting new people, like many others, I still find small talk awkward. I’ve had clients who would do anything to avoid a situation where […]

How to impress executive recruiters

Us Executive Recruiters can be a tough bunch to impress. We are fortunate to meet some of the smartest, most talented and highest paid individuals. Yet, I often hear about the struggle in trying to strike up a meaningful relationship with an Executive Recruiter. Aside from stating the obvious, like having a great resume, there […]

How to avoid a toxic workplace

If you’ve ever worked in a toxic work environment, you’ll probably remember the exact moment you asked yourself ‘how did I get here?’ or finally got to the stage where you’ve realised that you’ve made a terrible mistake. You’re not alone; unfortunately, it’s all too common. According to a recent survey of 4800 Australians, conducted […]

What’s the secret to retaining top talent?

Career Coach and Executive Search Specialist, Fiona Wainrit explores five ways to retain top talent. Link to The Age.

Authentic networking: successful and meaningful networking

Link to The Age.

Stop thinking. Start doing.

There’s no shortage of advice on achieving goals, progressing our career and reaching our potential. Yet, in all my years of coaching, you’d be surprised by how many individuals fall back into the habit of repeating the same mistakes that get us further away from reaching our goals. A client who was stuck in a […]

Five tips to avoid overused buzzwords on Linkedin

Being in the career coaching, recruiting and headhunting fields, I have seen literally thousands of Linkedin profiles. My responses have varied from laugh-out-loud moments, to cringe worthy moments, to pride; wanting to high five a client for sprucing up their profile. Just like CV’s, Linkedin profiles can contain generic and overused words and phrases that […]