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The juggle is real…

I’ve been planning to update my linkedIn profile pic for a while now… then covid happened…then (after lockdown) life got busy again…. really busy! I finally booked in some time to do it. I had a small window of availability and was determined to make it work.  I was extremely tired on the day of the shoot, had 101 things on my mind and was hoping the concealer would cover the dark circles under my eyes!

After work, I raced off to collect my son from childcare. The plan was to take the pics upon our return. However, he had other ideas! He hadn’t seen his mum all day and didn’t want to let me go. So, this image is the REAL story behind the picture.

My hat goes down to all the busy parents out there doing their best to juggle work and life. Whilst I’m extremely grateful to love what I do which does make it all worthwhile, it’s not always easy. Just wanted to share as its important to be mindful that we all have a story going on behind the images we post. The more honest we are, the more we are able to support and uplift each other.

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