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Why personal branding is critical right now.

It’s a Monday night in Melbourne. My son is supposed to be asleep but he’s having a chat-a-thon with his teddies in bed and I have ten minutes to go. Ten minutes before I am in the lime light before 60 high level professionals who are members of a men’s not for profit group. I am about to deliver a webinar on one of the most important messages I could ever teach. The talk starts well. People are engaging in the topic. Then one of the most embarrassing moments of my life happens.

I start coughing. You know the type where you’ve been talking all day in meetings and there is a tickle in the back of your throat. The type where you try to control it but it just won’t stop. This makes it impossible to talk. I eventually managed to compose myself. Phew!

I’ve always avoided doing webinars. Mainly because I like to be able to connect with my audience in person and read their body language. Yet there I was, thrown out of my comfort zone, like so many of us lately.

The world is undergoing change and transformation. Change is often accompanied by anxiety and fear of loss. Many companies are struggling financially, unemployment rates are high and those who are still working have job uncertainty. The more centred, objective and resilient we are, the more adaptable we become in this time of transition.

The opposite of feeling stuck is taking action. One way to do this is by focusing on your brand. A great brand opens doors, invites opportunities and ultimately leads to success. This applies to employers, organisations, employees, leaders and small business owners. To learn more, check out my Top 5 key insights from the talk below:

  • Employers need a strong brand to attract talent –If you’ve had to let go staff due to Covid, once things pick up, you will need to re-hire. It’s imperative your company has a positive brand in the marketplace. Branding is critical in attracting top talent. Candidates are smart and do their research. They don’t just stop at checking out your website and social media pages. People want to work with great leaders and if your profile isn’t up to scratch, this reflects on your employer brand.
  • Jobseekers need a great brand –I’ve worked with so many individuals who have scored amazing opportunities just by having a solid LinkedIn profile that showcases their strengths. If you’re going through a career transition, or have found yourself out of work/ stood down, then now’s the time to ensure your brand is up to scratch. There are many tools available to get you started.
  • Before creating your brand- Ensure you know what your life purpose is- ie. what will your legacy be?  What were you born to do? Get clarity in your career, identify your values, passion, unique strengths and value add.
  • Re-position/ re-brand yourself- The businesses that are surviving during Covid and even thriving, are the ones that have swiftly been innovative and resourceful. Likewise, your brand needs to be relevant to today’s business landscape. Ask yourself- “Will my brand land me the right role?”, and “Is my brand aligned with what I want to do?” If not, now’s the time to re-invent it.
  • How? Create a clear goal and strategy; Engage an ‘accountability partner’ or a professional Coach or; generate an authentic elevator pitch; create a strong Linkedin profile that tells ‘your story’ so others get an insight into whoyou are, not just what you’ve done.

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As an Executive/ Career Coach with a Talent Acquisition background, I work with individuals at a range of levels to help them manage their careers and with organisations looking to attract top talent. If there’s something you’d love me to write about, please feel free to reply in the comment section below.

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