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John’s honest account of changing careers

Thanks John Bromley for being brave & sharing your journey of the ups & downs of going through a career transition. It was an absolute pleasure & an honour to work with you!

Here’s a copy taken from John’s original LinkedIn post:

“I want to tell you – it’s ok to be scared, to be frightened, to feel lost. I want to tell you – things can get better – but I know some don’t think this can happen. As a nurse who has been on a journey downhill – always thinking exactly like this – I really do understand. You see – to change the profession you are in – to find a place of happiness in your employment – feels impossible when you’re faced with this huge change. BUT- it can be done. I am forever thankful I took this leap of faith and hired a Career Coach. Fiona has been with me every step of the way.

We met in a coffee shop with the aroma of chocolate topped lattes as the Spanish speakers danced while making my croissants. I had the worst sorts of experiences in my previous jobs over the last 5 years so sat, jobless – despondent. Fiona turned up right on time. As we sat at the cafe, somehow it was easy to open up and tell her about my career, both the exciting events alongside the loss of passion to be at the helm. It was then I first spoke of a love of education – and was told I had come to life ‘with a twinkle in my eye’- Fiona was right. I felt and still feel the passion and that weird tingle through my brain when I’m educating. SO – what now?

I met with Fiona weekly and boy did she give me some enlightening tasks! A career coach is not a counsellor and even though i did go into the ‘woah is me’, Fi was quick to redirect me to the coach /career tasks. Part of this process involved reviewing my values and writing a statement that described where I’d like to be career- wise. I AM an educator – “so become one” she quietly says in her coaching ways. So I head back to school and do my TAE 40116 vocational teaching certificate. Check out advertised positions and what they’re asking for. I then do a skills check – what do I have now vs what I still need. I AM luckier than some in that I’ve got my Nursing degree and am a creative analytical soul, but still, I need more to be fulfilled.

We write and we rewrite my resume along with my letter of introduction and I practice introduction techniques with friends and family. Fiona points me towards utilising the resource of people in my own network. So I met with a friend Geoff and take note of what he says about education and walk away thankful for his understanding of my naive thinking. I chat with all sorts of educators picking their brains quietly and hopefully non-intrusively. Fiona’s career counselling made my determination even stronger.

I reach the point where I should put in for positions but I fall back into an old pattern – I hit the floor of a nursing home once again. I met nice people and try to fit in. Within an hour, I’ve picked up so many issues and I can’t stay silent – so I start to educate but know its making others uncomfortable. I am faced with defensiveness and get asked if I was a Manager, or an Auditor, and told to go into education. It’s nobody’s fault that I go from excited to miserable in less than four days. I again speak to Fiona – she still hasn’t given up on me, even though our contract ended months ago.

I come home and write a much better letter of introduction and am more determined than ever to go into education. I reach out to Matt – an inspiration to me in the field of education. I find and speak to those who are my referees and ask them what they would say if they were called. I’ve got the right people in place who know me on a professional level.

I send my resume and a dot point letter of introduction – entitled AT A GLANCE to the education positions – after checking the company’s and the people in them. A number of phone calls and few interviews – be prepared for more than one these days from companies who can choose the best candidates (did I just say I was the best? – insert cheeky smile!)

Today I can say – I’m an educator – I teach music, CPR and First Aid with premium health and hopefully more. I love every minute of it and am so grateful I decided to take the steps and had Fiona to walk me through them, supporting me each step of the way.

Each individuals journey is unique, however what I can say is if you’re going through a career transition, Fiona is the Career Coach to get you there successfully. In this day and age, the way you plan and the way you stand out will definitely show.”


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