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How someone scored TWO job offers during Covid!

I suck at the humble brag. This is a bit bizarre considering I’m a personal branding expert & often tell my clients they’re being too humble! It may be because I genuinely love what I do & perceive the results I get for people as just being part of my job.

I’ve been working closely with someone to develop his career goals and personal branding. He’s been on fire over the last few weeks in his job search. I had a gut feeling that all his hard work would come to fruition soon & it did today- when he received not one, but TWO job offers!

I asked him to reflect on his success. Based on this, here are my TOP THREE tips for job seekers in the current climate:

1. Know your must have’s Vs nice to haves, values & goals –asses the vacancy against these criteria

2. Ensure your certifications are ready to go & referees are worded up in advance

3. Be prepared to negotiate – know your value & be prepared to answer honestly when you’re asked your salary expectations

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