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Getting your MOJO back

There are times in life where we lose our “mojo”, “drive”, or “zest for life”. This is totally normal, so if you are experiencing this lull, don’t be hard on yourself.

The following top five questions have been developed to shift you out of your rut and move you forward to achieving your goals.

Before you tackle these questions, take several deep belly breaths in and out. This is to shake off any tension or negative emotions and shift your focus into the present moment. The present moment is your point of access into the ‘goal attraction zone’.


Now, imagine you’re about to meet with your ideal employer, the person who has the key to your dream job.


Go ahead and ask yourself the following questions and take your time to think deeply about your answers.


1. What do I want to feel during this conversation?

(eg. I want to feel completely present, grounded and open to my ideal job).


2. What’s the most important skill, or value for me to bring to the table during this conversation?

(eg. I’m going to bring forth inspiration, expertise and the solutions to my potential employer’s key challenges at work).


3. What will I need to release, to have a meaningful connection with this person?

(eg. My attachment to getting the job, saying the right thing, or anxiety about their reaction to my work history).


4. Why do I rock? What is the value I deliver?

(Keep listing the things that make you, a unique individual really add value until you remember how awesome you are!).


5. What’s the best possible outcome I can imagine from this conversation?

(eg. The person makes you an offer for an amazing job, working closely with an incredible team and truly serving your purpose. Plus, an all-expenses paid luxe company car, laptop, phone and your very own Executive Assistant!)

*Try not to play it safe here, think BIG, be outrageous and have fun with it. This will help you to stop over-thinking and see the bright side of it.


Neuropsychology research demonstrates that we can shift out of our current state by changing our thinking. These questions have proven to work by taking you away from self-doubt and putting you right back into your power. It allows the person you’re talking to, to feel the value of what you have to offer. They trust you, because you trust yourself and are giving off that energy. It is within this space of being congruent with your head, heart and gut, where things will fall into place.

If you want to further tap into your true potential, or find a career that makes your heart sing, contact Fiona for an introductory career mojo session here.


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