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Stop thinking. Start doing.

There’s no shortage of advice on achieving goals, progressing our career and reaching our potential.

Yet, in all my years of coaching, you’d be surprised by how many individuals fall back into the habit of repeating the same mistakes that get us further away from reaching our goals.

A client who was stuck in a finance job he didn’t like came to see me. He kept focusing his energy on what was wrong with his job, his boss and the organisation he worked for. Not only was it making him miserable, but it was having a ripple effect on his home life too.

I let him vent for a while and once he finished, I paused. I spoke about the importance of not dwelling on the past until it finally clicked that he had been wasting his valuable time by going over what he already knew. Once he made this mental shift, we were able to work on creating a clear vision of where he wanted to be, set the strategies, timeframe and actions.

Of course making a successful transition and starting his new role was extremely rewarding. But what really gave him gratitude was that he had developed a new appreciation for handling challenges and a much better relationship with his family as a result.

So, what’s the moral of the story?

Don’t look back! Classic coaching 101 tells us to keep moving forward when faced with an adversity- why waste time analysing the problem when we already know what it is? So many of us get stuck in over-thinking what is wrong with our lives rather then celebrating our successes and investing time creating new goals.

This applies to any situation; break-ups, losses, or even bankruptcy. Of course, some degree of introspection is necessary for personal growth. We need to identify the learning, but not linger around the same issues. Real change happens in doing, not thinking!

When we look forward after experiencing a crisis, there needs to be an element of trust- whether it be your gut, destiny, life, karma, god, whatever. Many studies have proven this. The internationally famous teachings of Abraham Hicks explain that when we are in total alignment and feeling good, the universe will provide. When we are wasting time and energy on negative thoughts and are not feeling good, then we are moving further away from living our truth.

Many successful entrepreneurs possess this outlook. They don’t waste time going over their setbacks, they use it as an opportunity to learn and move forward.

Easier said then done?

Here are a few easy steps to stay on track:

Create a mantra- Each time you notice your mind fermenting over the same issue, create a new positive mantra to replace it. For example, when thoughts of “I hate my job” arise, swap it for something that illustrates your desired outcome like “I am a valued team member in my rewarding new role”. By writing as if it has already happened, you’re solidifying the vision in your mind until what’s imagined becomes a reality.

Take ACTION- Now that you’re on your way to shifting negative thoughts, the next step is taking action. Using the above example, perhaps follow the mantra and view a job board, submit an application, make a call to a valuable work contact, attend a networking event and so on.

Repetition is key- Repeat your affirmation or mantra each day for 30 days. You’re creating new pathways in the brain around the vision until it gets embedded in the long-term memory and forms a new habit.

Take a moment to think about something you’d like to change in your life and try applying these simple steps. Is it a negative thought pattern? An insecurity? Something or someone you need to get over? A career change?

Why delay your happiness?

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