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Showing up isn’t enough

I was having a chat to a friend recently about their experience with someone in a yoga class being territorial by not wanting to move their yoga mat a few centimetres to accommodate an extra person.

This is a common occurrence in the yoga world. There’s usually someone who needs to squeeze in and why wouldn’t you move down, when one day it could be you in need of that extra space? Rather, instead, this person gave the latecomer a vicious look and refused to budge!

We laughed at the irony of it being a yoga class, not a packed peak-hour train. My response was that just because we “show up” to a yoga class, does not make us a’yogi”, It’s the work we do when we are not practising that significantly impacts our health, wellbeing and others. It’s asking ourselves questions like “How can I shift, that negative thought pattern?” or’How can I apply that breathing technique when I’m faced with a stressful situation?” and so on.

When you think about it, this can apply to just about anything; whether we’re training for a marathon, or seeing a coach, psychologist and the like. Sure, showing up for your session counts for around 40 per cent of our success, but it’s how we choose to spend the remaining 60 per cent of our time that pushes us over the line to achieving our goals.

Use the marathon example. Let’s say you are training three to five times a week, which shows great commitment. However, we all know that the results we produce are also based on what we do in between training sessions – healthy dietĀ and lifestyle, maintaining a positive mindset, and more.

From my years of experience working as a career coach, I’ve learned that the true recipe for success is in setting a clear vision, being committed to putting in the work, persevering through the challenges and upholding faith that you can achieve. In a nutshell, it’s doing the work!

I’ve had several clients expect they can just rock up and expect a miracle; that I will hand them theirĀ dream job on a silver platter. However, they soon come to understand that it’s the effort and actions they put in that count.

Bearing this in mind, let’s ask ourselves: “What small action can I carry out today towards achieving my goal?” Change starts now,why wait?

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