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All work. No Zen?

We’re becoming better educated at finding ways to cope with life’s pressures… So why then are most of us still feeling burnt out? – Leading life coach, Fiona Wainrit explores this issue. For starters, the reality is that most of us seem to rush from place to place, worrying about that next appointment, or meeting, […]

The pursuit of happiness

Happiness is not something that just happens, it’s something we need to constantly work on, writes life coach Fiona Wainrit. Throughout my coaching and recruitment careers, I have worked with successful people at all levels from CEOs of multinational companies, to the baristas who make their coffees. I noticed some people make life look easy, […]

Recruiters Top 10 Pet Hates

Looking for work? Here’s how to stand out Fiona Wainrit knows what bosses are looking for. Fiona has many years’ experience in recruiting, training and mentoring staff, along with Psychology and HR qualifications. She has an extensive background in recruitment with a deep understanding of workplace dynamics. Now with her own career coaching agency, Career […]