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How to impress executive recruiters

Us Executive Recruiters can be a tough bunch to impress. We are fortunate to meet some of the smartest, most talented and highest paid individuals. Yet, I often hear about the struggle in trying to strike up a meaningful relationship with an Executive Recruiter. Aside from stating the obvious, like having a great resume, there […]

How to avoid a toxic workplace

If you’ve ever worked in a toxic work environment, you’ll probably remember the exact moment you asked yourself ‘how did I get here?’ or finally got to the stage where you’ve realised that you’ve made a terrible mistake. You’re not alone; unfortunately, it’s all too common. According to a recent survey of 4800 Australians, conducted […]

Stop thinking. Start doing.

There’s no shortage of advice on achieving goals, progressing our career and reaching our potential. Yet, in all my years of coaching, you’d be surprised by how many individuals fall back into the habit of repeating the same mistakes that get us further away from reaching our goals. A client who was stuck in a […]

Five tips to avoid overused buzzwords on Linkedin

Being in the career coaching, recruiting and headhunting fields, I have seen literally thousands of Linkedin profiles. My responses have varied from laugh-out-loud moments, to cringe worthy moments, to pride; wanting to high five a client for sprucing up their profile. Just like CV’s, Linkedin profiles can contain generic and overused words and phrases that […]

Avoid age stereotypes          

Career Coach Fiona Wainrit, of Career Mojo, explores how to effectively sell yourself into a job and feel comfortable doing it. There are loads of articles out there about personal branding and creating your own ‘elevator pitch’, so I’m not going to add to the literature on this. However, I will say that having such […]

Transitioning careers to success

Having spent many years working in recruitment, I recently decided it was time to pursue something rewarding. So I ditched the rat race and finally did what I’ve wanted to do for a while. Upon completing coaching qualifications, I am now practising as a Life Coach, with a niche in career transitions. My coach called […]

Retrenched…. Now What?

Career Coach Fiona Wainrit explores life after losing your job and shares her Top 5 Tips to quickly get you back on track. Being retrenched is a common reality in today’s world, numerous studies have indicated that the average person will experience job loss at least twice in a lifetime. I deal with such clients […]

Time for a Friendship Detox?

Success Coach Fiona Wainrit, of Finetuned Coaching provides some insight into how to become more successful by removing those who are holding us back. We all know about toxins in our foods and toxins in our external environment, but what about toxic people? We’ve all encountered them: they are individuals who: Drain us of energy […]

Stay hired. Don’t get fired!

Career Coach, Fiona Wainrit, of Finetuned Coaching has a giggle about how to keep your job in a tough economic market. Whether it’s called ‘re-designing’, ‘restructuring’, or ‘re-sizing’, fact is Australia has experienced a recent wave of retrenchments, which are on the rise. The banks have been the front-runners in retrenching staff, which is tapering […]

Five steps to Dealing with a nightmare boss

Nightmare bosses can easily make life hell at work. Career Coach Fiona Wainrit, of Career Mojo shares her Top 5 Tips to effectively deal with them. Nightmare bosses come in many forms: demanding, poor communicators, self-centred or arrogant, possess low emotional intelligence, or even clueless. They can quickly make us hate being at work, effect our […]